My name is Annelie Solis.

I am an artist on a soul journey (or a soul on an artist journey). This is an ever-growing, ever-evolving collection of my artworks, doodles, and creative musings.

All of this I do out of love for creation and the mystery of inspiration.




Contact me for originals, prints, commissions, collaborations, questions, comments, hellos, whatever.

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Sōl i
by Annelie Solis
I painted this in Bolivia earlier this year
La Medicina Sabia by Annelie Solis

One of the first paintings I did while in the Amazon after a series of ceremonies.
by Annelie Solis
Mandala embroidering/new ways to express creative energy
Earth family I come bearing exciting news!!
Last year when I exhibited MISTYRIUS it was to the apparent disappointment of many that it had a big, fat “not for sale” sign attached to it. Since sharing the image online, I’ve seen it appear on all the far reaches of the internet and have gotten tons of questions about the original, which is still here at home with me :) 
I’m so happy to see she’s reached all over the world so I’ve finally decided now it’s time to let this baby go! 

11.5” x 16.5”, acrylic on paper, $6,000 TTD or $1,000 USD + the cost of shipping

**The painting will be sold to this first buyer and will not be held for anyone so if you are interested message me here or email me at as soon as possible!

Now that I’m back in the homeland I’ve finally had the time to make some of my artwork from last year’s exhibition available as prints! And even better!! Some of them are also available as stationery cards and skins and cases for iphones and laptops!!! BEAUTIFY EVERYTHING!!!!To celebrate you get free shipping on all of it if you follow this link! but only til Sunday so go quick 
taica/auquiby Annelie Solis
by Annelie Solis
by Annelie Solis
by Annelie Solis

I painted this on the back of a guitar for a friend.
Inspiration and creativity and the most impassioned gratitude are flowing, 
as present, refreshing and forceful as the breeze on my face :) 
Blessings from Brazil
Spreading vibes and earning my stay at El Jardin Hostel in Asuncion, Paraguay :)
Ajna/Padme progression

I’ve been traveling through South America for the last month so I haven’t had the chance to upload any more of my pieces from the exhibition. Ajna/Padme was one of my favourites (nooo I can’t play favourites I love them all the same) but I just realized I never shared it.
So here are some steps in the process to completion. 

When I get home I’ll share some more and hopefully a bunch of new pieces from along this beautiful, eye-opening journey. But! Who knows when that’ll be :)

Amor y bendiciones!!
Children of the Gaia Tribe by Annelie Solis
Unrevealed by Annelie Solis